Friday, December 2, 2011

Figuring out my Nikon 3100

My old Cannon G9 died, due to the Chinese assembly plant failing to use Loctite on the internal screws. One of the screws worked loose over the last few years and dropped onto the main board, frying the camera. Normally it only fries the DC board; but not mine, it fried the whole damn camera.

I was fairly pissed as I had expected the G9 to last me at least 5 years, if not longer. As it is now, it lasted 3 years. That's fairly short for a $450 major name brand camera.

Long story short I have a new Nikon 3100, that I am finally figuring out.

Its amazing how much better a model looks when one figures out how to set the proper exposure and Field of Depth.

Both shots are from my new camera, the newer shot has a more appropriate F-stop and shutter speed. If you look close at the new shot you will notice that the loin cloth and arms are now completely in focus. The new black background also helps focus the eye on the model by creating better contrast.

I was spoiled by the automatic Field of Depth finder in my old G9 camera. Yet my new camera seems to grant even greater FOD with the manual controls.

The new pic is set at F25/ 1sec, while the older shot was set at F9/ 1/8sec.   The lighting remained the same.

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