Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mounting Quantum Expanse models on Stealth Counters

It is very easy to turn your Quantum Expanse Stealth Counters into bases.

First drill a hole into the Stealth Counter (do it outside or wear a mask, the counter is resin and the dust is toxic).

Then take a drywall screw and slide a piece of electrical shrink wrap around the threads and mount it in the hole on the Stealth Counter.

Finally glue a Rare Earth Magnet to the model and one to the screw head. Take care to check the polarity of the magnets before you glue them in place. The magnets should snap together firmly. I find them absolutely strong enough to hold the largest Dreadnought in place.

Star Field Game Board

This is a new game board & terrain I designed and painted for various space battle rule systems. Over the next few days I will publish tutorials for building: the gas giant, moon, asteroids, and star field board.

This shot is a skirmish using the Quantum Expanse rules and models