Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reaper Hellborn Troll 03407

Spray Booth

This is my $200 DIY spraybooth for my workshop.
I built it from scrap wood, some fluorescent and incandescent lights I had laying around, eight feet of eight inch duct work, and a fan from an airhandling unit designed for a 3000 sq ft system with a disposable furnace filter. The filter keeps paint from being sucked into the fan. It completely exchanges the air and evacuates all fumes in my 1000 sq ft workshop in 5 min.

Its sweet, I never need to wear a mask while I'm spraying in the booth. And if I spray towards the booth anywhere in my workshop I can stay upwind of most fumes. The booth also allows me to cure nasty chemicals in the workshop while I am building terrian tables, by just running the fan.

Here is the motor plate for any tech heads out there who may want to build one.

And here is the Mighty Work Bench

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Where's the Turkey

I'm a mean, green Nob looking for some bird. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

WIP Hellborn Troll

Reaper Miniature 03407   Hellborn Troll

My daughter gave me this miniature to me for my birthday.  She says it reminds her of me.

Here he is blocked out with basic colors.  Normally I prime a miniature with white gesso and wash it in black.  There are all sorts of thoughts on priming with gesso. I prefer it and apply it with an airbrush cut 50/50 with isopropyl alcohol.  It dries almost immediately and cures in 24 hours and works well regardless of the humidity or temperature.  I wash the primed miniature with black ink, which brings out the details and helps with initial shading.

 The troll is about 3/4 done with most of the shading complete. Next I'll work on the base and then tie everything together with some glazes and a final wash.

Friday, November 18, 2011


This blog will serve as a compendium of my current work with tutorials and various modeling techniques that are designed to inform and inspire the gaming community.

I have been gaming for over 30 years with many fond memories of gaming. Gamma World was my gateway into a life of gaming. 

I still remember the day I bought the game rushing from the store to open the box and to see what was inside.  I was shocked to find only a rule book, some weird dice and a simple map.  Where were all the playing pieces?  As I read James M Ward’s introduction, I realized this was like no game I had encountered before.  This was a game where the rules brought you to the world but your imagination and creativity built the world. It was the gateway to a life of gaming and artistry.

Gamma World lead to other role-playing games, which in turn led to the Mother-ship of all war-games: Advanced Squad Leader.  As I grew into ASL I discovered miniature gaming. Now the hook was set for life.  I began building terrain, painting miniatures, designing home brewed rules, and seeking anyone anywhere who wanted to play a game. 

Today I am artist who (among other professional projects) paints miniatures,designs game tables, and models/casts various terrain pieces. I am very lucky person: I have my own studio, do what I love and I serve only the muse that drives me (excepting for occasional re-directions from my beautiful and tolerant wife.)

I hope you enjoy this blog and look forward to sharing ideas, comments and critiques with the wealth of hobbyist who lurk on this inter-web thingy.