Tuesday, January 8, 2013

110 ASME of Resin Squashing Love

I just added another pressure pot to my growing horde for resin casting.

Binks is the Maserati of pressure pots and this one is the top of the line that I found used for a sweet price. It is stainless steel and looks to have been only slightly used. I very happy with this pot. It is rated for 110psi but I will never hit that ceiling, 80 psi is the highest you should cast at and 45-60 is normally fine. If you exceed 80 your molds normally start deforming and you end up with a warped and twisted cast.

So with this new pot, I probably won't blow myself up.

In celebration of this new denizen I want to sculpt up and cast a new rpg/wargame terrain piece.

What is a must have terrain piece, that is not always readily available but you wish was in your collection?

I will select one suggestion, sculpt/cast the piece and send it to the winning choice.

All Hail the Gods of Pressure Casting!

1 comment:

  1. Ok
    How about a medical outpost offering triage
    and comfort to injured troopers/civies
    subject to scenario