Saturday, February 11, 2012

UltraForge Tree Woman WIP Part 1

An unfortunate lumber jack is being investigating by the Lady of the Forest!

The lumber jack is an old Wargames Factory Viking I had lying around. I made a few sculpting mods to him to "help" bring out some of his details and convert him into a more panicked expression. These casts a fairly "soft" and most of the detail is lost in the process. I think WG has improved their molds since the vikings but I stopped buying from them after the Chinese take-over.

If your looking for plastic vikings go for the Gripping Beast Plastic Vikings, they are sharp casts.

Notice the shine on the lumber jack. This is due to the custom washes and glazes I mix with Future Wax. It leaves this gloss effect, which is cool if your going for the wet look but nasty looking here. Once the model is complete I'll hit it with a coat of Testor's Dullcoat, this will kill any nasty shine.

I have begun adding branches to the model.

The next step is to build the tree canopy and finish the highlights.

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