Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spray Booth

This is my $200 DIY spraybooth for my workshop.
I built it from scrap wood, some fluorescent and incandescent lights I had laying around, eight feet of eight inch duct work, and a fan from an airhandling unit designed for a 3000 sq ft system with a disposable furnace filter. The filter keeps paint from being sucked into the fan. It completely exchanges the air and evacuates all fumes in my 1000 sq ft workshop in 5 min.

Its sweet, I never need to wear a mask while I'm spraying in the booth. And if I spray towards the booth anywhere in my workshop I can stay upwind of most fumes. The booth also allows me to cure nasty chemicals in the workshop while I am building terrian tables, by just running the fan.

Here is the motor plate for any tech heads out there who may want to build one.

And here is the Mighty Work Bench


  1. Nicely organized work area, Scott. Frighteningly clean. I never had you pegged for the peg-board type . . .

    Always interesting to see pictures of workshops and desks.

  2. Can you safely grind flash within this instead of outside? I want one of these!

  3. I do use the spray booth at times to suck resin flash away from my face but then I need to trash the filter afterwards. I usually just step outside and scrape, its good for nerds to see the sun once in a while.

    @Chris I am strong in the OCD!