Friday, November 18, 2011


This blog will serve as a compendium of my current work with tutorials and various modeling techniques that are designed to inform and inspire the gaming community.

I have been gaming for over 30 years with many fond memories of gaming. Gamma World was my gateway into a life of gaming. 

I still remember the day I bought the game rushing from the store to open the box and to see what was inside.  I was shocked to find only a rule book, some weird dice and a simple map.  Where were all the playing pieces?  As I read James M Ward’s introduction, I realized this was like no game I had encountered before.  This was a game where the rules brought you to the world but your imagination and creativity built the world. It was the gateway to a life of gaming and artistry.

Gamma World lead to other role-playing games, which in turn led to the Mother-ship of all war-games: Advanced Squad Leader.  As I grew into ASL I discovered miniature gaming. Now the hook was set for life.  I began building terrain, painting miniatures, designing home brewed rules, and seeking anyone anywhere who wanted to play a game. 

Today I am artist who (among other professional projects) paints miniatures,designs game tables, and models/casts various terrain pieces. I am very lucky person: I have my own studio, do what I love and I serve only the muse that drives me (excepting for occasional re-directions from my beautiful and tolerant wife.)

I hope you enjoy this blog and look forward to sharing ideas, comments and critiques with the wealth of hobbyist who lurk on this inter-web thingy.

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